Pretty Progress

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The End Makes a New Beginning

I'm getting a divorce. 

That is the first time I've actually typed that. 
It's a messy, terrible, hollow experience that 
leaves you stripped bare. 

Here are things that I know about getting a divorce.
(So far.)

I am obsessed with television now. I don't think I ever was before. 
I live vicariously through:


Also, this kid made me laugh so hard..I have re-watched this part of American Idol about 20 times.

I've also been trying to do new things which includes this Yoga pose:
It's called "Saddle" and yes, it hurt. But then it felt good because I held it for 5 minutes and did not say any of the horrible words that I was thinking for the first 2 minutes of the pose aloud. 

Also, I chopped my hair off. Which always feels a cleansing until you realized you've chopped 7 inches off your hair. Then you cry..but then you're probably already crying because that is what you do when your heart is broken. 

Then you think of every sad song that you've ever heard. 
Like this one:

And you realize the sad songs are true. 

Then you get messages from your favorite people on Valentines day, and you realize that there is still love. 

And you try to move on.