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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Flour Bin

For my first Ode to my Mom.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my amazing Mother's death. 
She was amazing, lovely, fun and Sassy...everything a mother should be. :)

 So, here in happy tribute to my Mom is one of the things that
remind me most of her.
Her yellow Tupperware flour bin...probably from the early 80's. 
It is seriously one of my prized possessions.

Every time I lift the lid the smell reminds me of baking with my Mother....
I don't think I was that much of a help but she let me try.
It is totally worn and not worth anything to almost anyone
else but it is one of the first things I would grab if there was a fire.

Here it is in all of its glory:

Now, go hug your Mom.


  1. Knowing you so little, I actually think about you and your sister and your mom a lot. I'm not as close with my mom (as you know), but I just cannot imagine. You two are so strong to hold each other.

  2. Felisha- Thank you so much. I miss my mom every day and I have come to the point where that is o.k. with me. I know that eventually the sadness will lessen and the good memories will pop into my head more often than the bad. I really appreciate your really kind comment.

    Thanks, Mabel!:)