Pretty Progress

Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I want to marry....(figuratively)

This week I'm in love with the following: 

Happy, fizzy, mouth rocking, calorie free taste explosion!!

Me + Bookcase that almost hides TV = 4-ever

Dr. Bronner's Lip Balm is true love for your lips. 
The peppermint makes me feel like Mrs. Clause (I've been eating a lot of cookies this week) 


Zooey D.'s bangs..getting my hair cut/colored on Wednesday!
P.S. I found this Zooey collage online..I'm not that much of a stalkeratzi (slightly less...I love Zooey D...even with the pretentious name spelling) 

Kings of Leon
Heard the Radioactive song 1 time, downloaded it and proceeded to listen until I'm almost tired of it. However, his voice is like the gold coins in Scrooge McDuck's safe...
I want to swim in it.  Scratchy loveliness.

Feel free to love any of my lovees.  They will make you feel like Christmas came early. 


  1. I have the "naked" Dr. Bronner's. It is nice, but I miss flavor/scented balm. :(

    I love your metaphor for Kings of Leon. I agree, too!

  2. Ooo...I love that bookcase, too!!

    Your blog looks great!!

  3. F- The Dr. Bronner's is the only thing that will help my lips when they REALLY get chapped. I would miss the flavor/scent but the actual balm is a MIRACLE!!:) Also, any day that I get to use "Ducktales" in a metaphor is a good day.:)

    Lora- Thank you!! I love bookcases and drool over them whenever I get a chance.:) When we buy a house there will be built-ins and bookcases wherever I can fit them in. :)